The Purest, Safest & Most Effective
Dry Skin Treatment In the World.
"Living with dry, rough hands is almost a way of life for farmers. Not anymore, since our little farming community out here discovered your SuperLan. We've learnt to apply SuperLan before the day's work, so that working with the soil does not dry out our hands anymore. We'll, spread the word to our fellow farmers!"
~ Tony Farlow, Portland Oregon

Protective Barrier

~ Apply Superlan before doing yard work. Will form a barrier that will protect your hands against wind, water, cold and dirt.

~ Apply Superlan before washing dishes and doing household chores to prevent the damaging effect of detergents and chemicals from penetrating your skin. Will not wash off and your hands can stay soft without wearing gloves.

~ Before and after exposure to cold weather apply, Superlan to hands and lips. They will always remain smooth.

"I'm an avid swimmer and the chlorine in the pool has always irritated my sensitive skin. I've discovered that if I apply SuperLan on my face, arms and legs before the swim, the chlorine does not affect me at all. Another great use for SuperLan!"

~Daniel Hawthorne, Rye NY

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